As a boy, Luis used to look forward to his grandmother’s homemade empanadas filled with perfectly seasoned ground beef or cheese and wrapped in light, flaky, crispy dough. It wasn’t until Luis was older that he tried to make his grandmother’s famous empanadas.

After nearly 100 different combinations of ingredients, Luis was able to replicate his grandmother’s famous empanada dough. It was a labor of love but it was worth the effort because unlike most dough, Luis‘ grandmother had a recipe that produced an empanada that was both crispy and flaky yet not greasy.

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Loco Lucho’s empanadas are stuffed with a wide variety of delicious fillings: from cheese steak, sausage and peppers to slow roasted pork, grilled chicken or artisan cheese… the possibilities are limitless.

Beyond the fillings, our empanadas can be paired with various sauces made from delicious blends of rich and surprising ingredients. We offer many special sauces including chimichurri, aioli, sweet or spicy chili and even a Crazy Ketchup.

By offering a large variety of fillings and a selection of sauces, Loco Lucho’s empanadas are one of the most unique and customizable food offering imaginable!

Empanada Varieties

Loco Lucho’s offers a wide variety of Empanadas and dipping sauces.


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